Based in the bayou. Launched from the levee. Leftovers are we. 




For K-


my entry to this place,


and wholly burnt,

hallowed rest for fainted faces.

An answer, echoed cold across

This calloused ground

The reverberate trills

Of a time-muted sound

The shrapnel of our splitting


Left in me this cross

To bear

Your number three

As blood, let, lost.

Here i am

Your tether to

This liminal space

In you, a primordial ghost

Cuts its reincarnate chase.

Widow of

A sleepswept figure


A shadow, pale,


In the harrowing


Light of dawn.

I kept this brittle harbinger

to nurse through

rich, dense smoke,

and dull encounters splintered

dry -

as each pale idol spoke.

Set to slumber

my fairy story shells

as I did the pill and powder.


from lightning bells and bitter tales

the haunts that whisper


grew louder.

I love you thrice,

the one for me, the two for love,

the three for death’s pale price.

and you besides,

brave in fright

refuse the call to hide.

Finite Weapons

Finite Weapons

Genesis II

Genesis II