Based in the bayou. Launched from the levee. Leftovers are we. 


Surrender (Hugo, Part II)

Surrender (Hugo, Part II)

I, a satellite of the orbital mayhem here,

Of fractured girls, animated by seismic cravings and wanton hunger,

In a fragile collision with this, a phantom planet, shattering liminal space

At last approach with quivering probes and bashful impotence

I, with my petaled panoply of wounds

Soft at the knees, prostrate before this flesh bitten idol

Beg before the burden of manhood, cracked through swollen muscle

That this creature leave the remains to the bitter sun.

I, beneath her weight, measure the length of time,

Spent rotting between your broken china teeth,

Am sick with silence and breach the mold

With parables meant to stun you to retreat.

We, then awake to this frostbitten glare

Wonder at the better and the worse

The yet to come, a well-worn crystal ball in your hands,

Cut and thrust with eyelids drawn, to victory for something else.

I, thank you for your frailty and obliterate lust,

That I might resent you, clean and hard,

For a temperate moment through which clarity, cut

May shred the threads that coil us through

Perhaps you, a marginal occupant of this worn page,

Scratched sore and sandpaper smooth,

May one day breathe across the text

That I will paint in effacable hues and euphemistic tones,

If the brush so bends to my will, renewed.

March, Here and Last

March, Here and Last

Predation - (Hugo, Part I)

Predation - (Hugo, Part I)