Based in the bayou. Launched from the levee. Leftovers are we. 


Predation - (Hugo, Part I)

Predation - (Hugo, Part I)

You, sardonic neophytes, stroking the bare of the bathroom wall

With your names, supple and musky, in pawing strokes,

Threads of bile and balsam between the tiles

Of a space meant for men and kept by boys

You, meant for larvic lust to ripen

Here where his tender joints outstretch in time

For stereoscopic granules of your raw cheeks and callow jaws

To burn waxen negatives against his backlit, blistered eyes

You, as fleshless virgins, have left this man in his husk,

Seething nitrogen seeds from the root, drowning

Through the filtered traps of your veiled gaze

Meant, once to protect, and twice to ignite

And I, through bloodied sun spots, front and center

A knot in a filament of many, hands sewn across time,

With mouthfuls of your venomous wake corroding the wire shot through

Him that you harrow with raking siren songs,

Am silenced by your sound.

Surrender (Hugo, Part II)

Surrender (Hugo, Part II)

Dock Four

Dock Four