Based in the bayou. Launched from the levee. Leftovers are we. 


a few words for her

a few words for her





Edie almost always makes the same mistakes.

She strikes twice in the same place-

she measures with a warped scale-

she narrows her eyes to make things look smaller and then is …

surprised to find them gone.


Edie nearly cries but not yet-

When she flushes bile and bone-

When she casts the first stone-

When the table’s smeared spotless and wet.


Edie sheds milk and brittle lashes she-

doesnt mind the wet eyes

Doesnt care doesnt cry

she bends it backwards and makes it smooth.


I know how to take the blame-

when it’s been painted with sweat stained veneer-

the calloused fingernails clear

Deficiencies of the mind.


Because gentle words ring and die

The bullet proof iris -  the dark toasted rye

Never wide enough the first bite-

The starving stretch of patient night.



Will you taste it or will you fear it?

Said the body to the spirit.


Of Choice

Of Choice

Meeting the Marker

Meeting the Marker