Based in the bayou. Launched from the levee. Leftovers are we. 


The Medicine Wheel- A Siren's Song

Circling the deep as you did before - 

Whistling, scorching the ocean floor 

Bubbling sighs to meet the tide 

The burst and belch of waves subside.

Caught in crag of crippled rock.

Burn and bend the spiteful clock.

And curle the bloat of purple fingers

The salted spittle about me lingers.

Near me now, Hades lost

Hear me sing, but at what cost?

For you, I've carved and christened the altar 

Bide your breaths but do not falter 

Splinter sparks of oak before me 

Strike my womb, so yawning, lonely.

Man of weakness, baleful hunger, 

Man of mine, alone no longer.

Swallow the wind, my hair, my breats

Lay your swollen spleen to rest

A covenant with you I'll bind and strike 

A salted pillar, I'll carve to spike. 

Your skin in flakes, your blood in spatter,

Till no one thing appears to matter.

Your gasping lungs I'll bloat and burst.

Swell with brine to quench your thirst.Hear me now, release your sails 

Give up the fight, before you fail. 

A Covenant With Chaos

A Covenant With Chaos

An afterbirth---some scribbles

An afterbirth---some scribbles