Based in the bayou. Launched from the levee. Leftovers are we. 


Synonyms for a Thing Without a Name

Synonyms for a Thing Without a Name


Synonyms for a thing without a name


Blooming were the flames of that fire 


Nitrous air shifting heat to ash in my mouth 


Long were eyelashes clouding eyes 


Weighted with swelling of the brain 


Yet crystalline and cold 



A calling from across a matrix of words


Words spilt from wet mouths and warm whiskey 


A clandestine, holy lapse of time in which whispers 


Crackled like the sheaths of burning wood 


Yet held in fermenting silence 



Hunger built and gnawing 


The blood of a woman but the veins of a girl 


Cast in rusted iron over hidden glass


A shower of secrets to cleanse the pus and the gore


Yet silver strands to weave space for the weeping





Callouses cracked by absorbent caress 


Shadows of torment melting and creeping


Caught fireflies from an open crypt 


The living meat salvaged from rubble crumbling 


Yet blowing shreds of life between brittle ribs 




Fire drowned in gasoline 


Mouths yawning as a gift to the other 


Eyes bearing burdens beheld and unceasing


Brain fluids diluted with sleep and apple cider


Cold are the sweeping winds and cat’s tongue impatient 


But the down keeps warm and pillow talk creeps in comfort and bliss.

To Swallow the Seeds and Then

To Swallow the Seeds and Then

Antonyms for a Paradox

Antonyms for a Paradox